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Session Attendance

Date Time Program Attend Not Attend
November 5th 19:00 ~ 20:30 Welcome Reception Close
November 6th 09:00 ~ 10:30 Opening Ceremony
10:30 ~ 12:30 Session 1 : Strategic Development Plan of Airport Economic Area
- Direction to make a leap into an unparallaled global leading airport
12:30 ~ 14:00 Luncheon Close
14:00 ~ 15:30 Session 2 : Challenges and Opportunities in the Ever-Changing Aviation Industry
- Growth of LCC, Joint Venture, Expansion of non-stop long haul flights
16:00 ~ 17:00 Session 3 : Trends and Implication for Hub Airport
- Competitive Airport's development/support policy to strengthen hub airport
18:30 ~ 20:30 Gala Dinner Close
November 7th 09:00 ~ 10:00 Session 4 : Adoption of Various KPIs in Becoming a Hub Airport
- Various policy indices including hub index, connectivity index and mega hub index
10:30 ~ 11:30 Session 5 : Policy on Charges to increase the Aviation Demand
- Charges and incentives to boost the demand
12:00 ~ 13:00 Session 6 : Beyond Airport Service Quality : Challenges and the Way Forward
- How to Provide innovative passenger services beyond ASQ
13:00 ~ 13:15 Closing Ceremony
13:15 ~ 14:30 Luncheon
14:30 ~ 17:30 Option 1. Industrial Tour Close
Option 2. Culture Tour Close

Privacy Protection Policy

World Aviation Conference 2019 is in full compliance with the Privacy Act, Information Act and other such laws that protect privacy and information of users will not be used for unspecified purposes or provided to others without users’ consent. 

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information
A. Items of Personal Information Collected  World Aviation Conference 2019 Secretariat collects the following personal information during registration process to provide you with registration and other services related to the conference.
- Country, Title, First Name, Last Name, Organization/Company, E-mail, Mobile , Field, Special Dietary

B. Method of Collection    
• Website, Registration Form, Fax, Telephone, Email   
• Information provided by cooperative partner and organization

2. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information 
• Identification of registrant for confirmation or modification of registration details, and delivery of notifications
• To offer information or promote the conference by phone, SMS, email and DM

3. Duration of Retaining and Using Personal Information 
We retain and use personal information from the date you first sign up until the purpose of collection and use of such information is accomplished.   Also, we immediately delete your personal information in case of withdrawal from membership or from the Privacy Policy and Participant Agreement; once the purposes of collection and use of the personal information are achieved; and at the end of the period of retention and use. However, we retain the following information for the specified period for the reasons below:
• For handling of participant’s demand: 30 days after withdrawal      
• For giving related conference information: Until the contract termination

4. Outsourcing of Processing Personal Information 
  World Aviation Conference 2019 is hosted by the Incheon International Airport Corporation(IIAC) and operated with E&C We may outsource your information for the purpose of preparing the Conference.


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